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Case Studies

There are other organizations throughout the country whose accomplishments are too numerous to mention. But some notable shining stars stand out as examples of fine programming, strong community identity, and established impact on the local community's economic development. These organizations provide a useful point of view from the standpoint of maturing organizations from which we can learn.

Project Row Houses

Founded by African-American artists who believed they had a contribution to make to their own communities, Project Row Houses was pursued by Houston artist Rick Lowe who spearheaded the development of 22 abandoned shotgun-style houses starting in 1992. Project Row Houses’ mission is to create community through the celebration of arts and African-American history and culture, grounded in public art and education programs, neighborhood revitalization, historic preservation, and community service.

Mexican American Fine Arts Center

The Mexican American Fine Arts Center Museum (MFACM) sits in the heart of the Pilsen/Little Village community, the largest Mexican community in the Midwest. The purpose of the Museum is to stimulate and preserve the knowledge and appreciation of the Mexican culture as it manifests itself in and outside of Mexico. The Museum is a community-based arts organization with strong participation in national and international arenas.

Manchester Craftsmen's Guild

Manchester Craftsmen's Guild is a multi-discipline, minority-directed center for arts and learning that employs the visual and performing arts to foster a sense of accomplishment and hope in the urban community. Its work educates and inspires urban youth through the arts and mentored training in life skills; preserves, presents and promotes jazz and visual arts to stimulate intercultural understanding, appreciation and enhancement of the quality of life for our audiences; and equips and educates leaders to further demonstrate entrepreneurial potential.