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Community Toolkit

The Toolkit is a downloadable .pdf file which provides technical assistance, creative brainstorming, and material support to those who hope to organize screenings for the film. It also contains information about other resources we can send to you. Discussion questions are forthcoming.

Download the pdf toolkit here: ToolKit.pdf (904k)

We also have information on file at, if you care to print your own postcards to publicize your screening or local broadcast of “Downside UP”. Instructions can be found in the Postcards section below.

As with all of this material, please email us if we can be of ANY assistance at

To utilize your download, you’ll need an installed version of Adobe Acrobat®, which you can download for your system at

Postcards has on file the art work and descriptive text for “Downside UP”. A .pdf of the front and back of this card can be downloaded here: samplecard.pdf. For $99, you may order 500 cards which have your own custom dates, times, locations, etc. To order, download this order form: 4by6_orderform.pdf or email your name, telephone number, credit card number, quantity ordered, and personalized information (the aqua text in the sample.pdf will give you some guidelines) to: or Please call Kerry Martyr before faxing: 877-934-6726.

The web site of details their price guidelines and delivery schedules. Please add $25 per order for the design fee.