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The "Downside UP" Listening Tour draws on a brain trust of professionals in the fields of art, philanthropy, and community development.

Our esteemed Advisory Board is comprised of the following individuals (whose institutions are listed for reference only):

• Ron Chew, Director, Wing Luke Asian Museum, Seattle, Washington;

• Juana Guzman, Vice President, Mexican American Fine Arts Center Museum, Chicago, Illinois;

• LaDonna Harris, President, Americans for Indian Opportunity, New Mexico;

• Karen Kimbrel of the Colquitt Miller Arts Council, Colquitt, Georgia;

• Rick Lowe, Founding Director, Project Row Houses, Houston, Texas;

• Dr. Rowena Stewart, Executive Director, American Jazz Museum, Kansas City, Missouri;

• Bill Strickland, Manchester Craftsmen's Guild, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and

• Joseph Thompson, Founding Director, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, North Adams, Massachusetts.

The Tour is implemented by the following team:

• Nancy Kelly, Mother Lode Productions
Producer/Writer/Director, "Downside UP", and "Downside UP" Listening Tour Project Director
Since 1984 Kelly has produced independent films and has specialized her distribution efforts to niche markets, where Kelly has a history of relationships with broadcasters and distributors.

• Susan Walsh, Center for Independent Documentary
The Center for Independent Documentary is a non profit organization with 20 years' experience in collaborating with independent filmmakers to create and distribute films and videos on issues of contemporary social and cultural concern.

• Benjamin Butler and Jun Egawa, Community Development Associates, Inc.
Over its five-year history, CDA has provided a range of consulting services to national and local foundations as well as numerous urban and rural community based organizations.

• Robert McNulty, Partners for Livable Communities
Formed more than 20 years ago, Partners focuses on helping communities make the connections between art, culture, public space, jobs, housing and economic development.

With support from Kristin Howard, Candace Schermerhorn, and Suzanne Stenson O'Brien.


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Funding for the "Downside UP" Listening Tour was provided by The Ford Foundation.