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The film "Downside UP" will screen for communities at the following locations into Fall 2002, and serves as the anchor for local conversations about the role of art and art institutions in community development activities. For information on how to screen "Downside UP" in your community, go to Contact Us , and drop us a line.

Asociación de Músicos Latino Americanos (AMLA)
Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center (GCAC)
HandMade in America
Little Black Pearl Workshop
The Point
The Wing Luke Asian Museum
Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA)

Asociación de Músicos Latino Americanos (AMLA)
P.O. Box 50296
Philadelphia, PA 19132
Tel: 215/223-3060
Fax: 215/223-3299  

The Asociación de Músicos Latino Americanos (AMLA) is an arts organization dedicated to promoting the development, dissemination, and understanding of Latin American music in the Philadelphia Delaware Valley region, with an emphasis on youth. AMLA believes music is the heartbeat of the Latino community, and is also a powerful tool for its advancement. AMLA's members range from three years old to seniors. They are not only musicians, but also students or just lovers of Latin music. AMLA members represent interests in a wide variety of folkloric, classical and contemporary Latin music styles.
• Screening date: June 20, 2002


Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center (GCAC)
1300 Guadalupe Street
San Antonio, TX 78207
Tel: 210/271-3151 

The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center (GCAC) was founded in 1980 as a nonprofit, multidisciplinary organization whose mission is to preserve, promote and develop the arts and culture of the Chicano, Latino, and Native American peoples. It is the largest institution of its kind in the U.S. The GCAC manages and provides artistic development for six component programs of the Guadalupe, including dance, literature, media arts, theater arts, visual arts and Xicano music.
• Screening date: September 17, 2002


HandMade in America
P.O. Box 2089
Asheville, NC 28802
Tel: 828/252-0121
Fax: 828/252-0388 

Born of the struggle to find fresh approaches to economic development and renewal in the Blue Ridge Mountains, HandMade in America celebrates the hand and the handmade. Through business and financial support to craftspeople, and by the encouragement of public education around the regionĚs craft culture, HandMade in America nurtures the creation of traditional and contemporary craft. Equally important is the preservation of natural resources, the maintenance of a rural quality of life, and the preservation and enrichment of the spiritual, cultural, and community life of the region.
• Screening date: September 10, 2002


Little Black Pearl Workshop
4200 S. Drexel Boulevard
Chicago, Illinois 60653
Tel: 773/285-1211
Fax: 773/285-1633 

Little Black Pearl creates avenues for exposure to art and culture while teaching the profitable connection between art, education and business. Program participants contribute to the health and well-being of their families and communities by exercising a sense of pride and collective teamwork through economic self-sufficiency in the arts. Little Black Pearl also offers with community schools and organizations who utilize art to motivate students. Workshops offered include writing, mural painting, mosaics, claywork, masks, stamps and quiltmaking.
• Screening date: July 10, 2002

The Point
940 Garrison Avenue
Bronx, NY 10474
Tel: 718/542-4139 

The Point is an emergent non-profit organization dedicated to youth development and the cultural and economic revitalization of the Hunts Point section of the South Bronx. Working with neighbors, especially young people, The Point celebrates the life and culture of the community, an area traditionally defined solely in terms of its poverty, crime rate, poor schools, and sub-standard housing. Through programming which includes music, theater, dance, photography and the visual arts, The PointĚs mission is to stimulate culture and enterprise in the Hunts Point community and encourage "self-investment" by its residents, especially its youth.
• Screening date: June 12, 2002

The Wing Luke Asian Museum
407 7th Ave. South
Seattle, WA 98104
Tel: 206/623-5124
Fax: 206/623-4559 

Nestled in the heart of Seattle's International District is a unique cultural treasure of the Pacific Northwest: The Wing Luke Asian Museum. A pan-Asian Pacific American Museum devoted to the collection, preservation and display of Asian Pacific American culture, history and art, Wing LukeĚs programs are inspired and created by the combined efforts of museum professionals and grassroots community members. The Wing Luke Asian Museum is a multidisciplinary cultural center that presents arts and heritage exhibitions, public programs, school tours, publications, and films and maintains a permanent collection and research center.
• Screening date: July 16, 2002


Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA)
87 Marshall Street
North Adams, Massachusetts 01247
Tel: 413/664-4481
Fax: 413/663-8548 

MASS MoCA's 13-acre factory campus, with its enormous unobstructed indoor spaces, irregular courtyards, elevated walkways, towers, and industrial buildings, presents a tremendous platform for the art of our time, accommodating works that have seldom, or never, been exhibited because of size, materials, or complex technological requirements. With an emphasis on large-scale sculpture and site specific installations that create encompassing environments, MASS MoCA's visual arts program seeks out work that will physically engage and challenge its vast galleries and courtyards. By and large, MASS MoCA is not a collecting institution, but rather draws its works from other museums, collectors and artists as long-term loans. Occasionally, MASS MoCA will commission new works that exploit and inform the site's unique history, social context, and physical infrastructure. MASS MoCA also seeks out work that embraces the performing arts, new media, film, and other forms and formats that might not otherwise find natural venues within conventional museums.